Hydrometeorological and Remote Sensing Technologies (HORST) Single Personal Private Company (S.P.P.C.) established in 2012 in the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece.

HORST is a high-tech company with highly expertise in the design, manufacture, technological development and system installation of observing systems in the monitoring of physical, biological and anthropogenic activities at the sea. The company also provides products and services worldwide and participates in several international R&D programs and research proposals.

The heart of the company is the very small group of academics, researchers and engineers dealing with research and development in the field of environmental parameters’, estimation from remote sensors and prediction based on integrative data-modeling systems. The core personnel of the company have over 15 years of international experience with technological disciplines on in-situ detection systems, engineering / electronics for marine applications, mapping activities and operations in marine environmental sciences.

Our vision is to embrace the abovementioned technologies in the development of business support tools for use of weather and climate information in industrial sectors such as transportation, insurance, tourism, agriculture and government emergency management agencies and establish HORST as leader in those markets.

The company’s core competency lies on the scientific background of its staff members and an external advisory board of scientists & engineers. Our personnel are experts in the field of radar hydrometeorology and underwater radioactive detection and passive acoustics. Our external consultants will be called in on a demand basis to provide expert assistance on specialized issues.

The Company has created key co-operations with international institutions or agencies in the field of the marine environment (including aquatic systems) in US (University of Connecticut), Asia (China with the Hohai University), Arabian countries and Europe (CNR-ISSIA, Sapienza University of Rome, DFG, etc.) The Company is the leading collaborator and underwater scientific in-situ provider to Hellenic Center of Marine Research (HCMR) on the high-level state-of-the-art radioactivity and passive acoustic detection systems and establishes in co-operation with the end-user’s activities related to deployment issues as well as training and support on research proposals.

Our main goal is the establishment of an advanced research and technological enterprise in Greece specialized on the development of innovative remote sensing technologies and services

The Company’s activities are focused within three main business areas:

  1. HORST design, develops, manufactures and supplies a state-of-the-art underwater passive aquatic listener (PAL) system, in autonomous or network mode.
  2. HORST in close co-operation with HCMR develops, manufactures and delivers the underwater radioactivity systems KATERINAII including the maintenance of the detection system.
  3. HORST executes measurements and analyses for physical, chemical and biological conditions in the environment (ocean, coastal zones, rivers and lakes) including delivery of in-situ detection systems for clients that are active in the marine environment.
  4. HOSRT develops and construct custom made underwater batteries.

HORST in close collaboration with the Weather Radar Group of the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, National Observatory of Athens on the design small size dual-polarization radar remote sensing technologies and software-based tools on the use of weather and climate information.

HORST has become the most recognized partner for scientific instruments for radioactivity and passive acoustics closely interacting with academic and research entities to support human life for a healthy and sustainable environment.

HORST’s aiming is the development of innovative technologies and modeling applications, focusing on remote sensing of environmental parameters at sea and overland. Our main expertise is on underwater passive acoustic real-time sound field interpretation, system prototype design, development and implementation of acoustic recorders.

In support of our goals the company will be funded and strategically supported so as to establish worldwide operations and launch end-customer solutions to its respective target market. HORST will be manned with top notch scientists, application engineers, consultants and marketing specialists to pursue an ‘aggressive’ industry positioning and accomplish strategic alliances with major players. Opportunities for further revenues exist via EU (H2020) and National R&D projects, consulting and after-sales services, offering HORST high-calibre team the potential to penetrate new markets and attract 2nd round investors.

HORST provides to the customers a complete solution of the products according the required end-user specifications.