Who We Are

Hydrometeorological and Remote Sensing Technologies (HORST) Single Personal Private Company (S.P.P.C.) established in 2012 in the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece.

HORST is a high-tech company with highly expertise in the design, manufacture, technological development and system installation of observing systems in the monitoring of physical, biological and anthropogenic activities at the sea. The company also provides products and services worldwide and participates in several international R&D programs and research proposals.

The heart of the company is the very small group of academics, researchers and engineers dealing with research and development in the field of environmental parameters’, estimation from remote sensors and prediction based on integrative data-modeling systems. The core personnel of the company have over 15 years of international experience with technological disciplines on in-situ detection systems, engineering / electronics for marine applications, mapping activities and operations in marine environmental sciences.

HORST, the innovative startup that proposes technological solutions and services on research institutes and universities, in collaboration with A2ZEnergy, have been selected by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for the SME-Instrument-Phase 1 – a prestigious European award for research and innovation – the project myPAL-NET.

The subsea In-situ γ-ray spectrometer

HORST Ltd in collaboration with HCMR constructs radioactivity detection systems for monitoring radionuclides of interest in aquatic systems that are affected from natural and anthropogenic processes. HORST Ltd provides into the market radioactivity detection systems of low resolution that can operate in the aquatic environment including the very deep water masses. The detection system operates in an autonomous and stand-alone mode as well as in real time mode for data transmission to the operational centre. Read More

Passive Aquatic Listener (3rd Generation)

This state-of-the-art technology seeks to address the emerging need for frequent sampling and prediction of spatio-temporal variations of environmental physical-biological and man-made parameters, and the continuous increasing noise trends in the Oceans, which occur at high frequency and spatial resolution and can induce extreme weather phenomena and natural hazards. The generated physical or man-made sounds are often recognized by their spectral characteristics processes in the marine environment Read More

Radar Remote Sensing Technologies

The new enterprise will focus on the advancement of high – frequency (X-band) low power dual-polarization 4th generation weather radar systems for weather monitoring and hydrologic forecasting. High-frequency/low-power polarimetric weather radars can constitute a low-cost solution to the problem of hydrologic forecasting for urban and small-scale flood-prone basins and coastal areas. These systems can be significantly inexpensive compared to the standard lower frequency (C-band and S-band) high-power Read More

Our Publications

EU project 877659 – myPAL-NET

A smart passive aquatic listener network (myPAL-NET) is a user friendly and simple in use and inexpensive in deployment system ...
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Relevant recent publications / products

An updated list of our recent scientific publications: Sara Pensieri, Dionisios Patiris, Stylianos Alexakis, Marios Ν. Anagnostou, Aristides Prospathopoulos, Christos ...
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Announcement of registry of the HORST S.P.S.S. to the Corfu champer of commerce. Read the Announcement ...
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Statute of HORST

under constraction ...
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